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              Watching TV while drinking tea is good

              Source:Manager   Hits:   Time:2017-09-11 16:07:50

              Tea, good anti-radiation effect, in the tea, what substances can play a role in the prevention of radiation? Scientists have found that tea contains anti-radiation effective substances, including catechins, lipopolysaccharides have anti-radiation resistance and the role of the treatment of radioactive damage; vitamin C role, but also can not be ignored. Soluble tea, through clinical trials, with anti-radiation, increase the role of white blood cells, is engaged in industrial, medical radiation work of an effective protective drug, by medical science experiments and clinical proof, tea contains anti-radiation, The body's hematopoietic function has a significant gain effect, can effectively reduce the harm of television radiation. Such as watching TV, can soak a cup of tea, while watching TV while drinking tea, not only to adjust the taste of life, the transfer of some attention, and can be digested to greasy, especially from the tea can get effective anti-radiation substances And protect the eyesight of the nutrients. This is really a matter of course, often insisted, will be beneficial.


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