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              Green tea and wolfberry can not drink

              Green tea and wolfberry can be used to boil water to drink, the human body is very beneficial. There are a lot of people simply put them together and brew. However, the green tea c...

              • 6CST-70, 80 type of fixing machine

              • 6CST-60 bottle type fixing machine

              • 6CST-50, 60 type tea continuous fixing machine (electric)

              • 6CSM-30, 40, 50 cone continuous cylinder


              關于我們About US

              Huangshan Baiyun Machinery Co., Ltd. - located in the world cultural heritage - natural beauty, rich cultural connotation, folk customs simple, Ming and Qing dynasties to preserve the complete residential groups scenic area - Yixian county. It is the predecessor of Huangshan City Baiyun micro-tea factory; mainly produces famous tea and the first two series of more than 50 varieties of tea processi...



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